I never started out intending to create a Taylor Swift / Ed Sheeran blog.   Originally, I wanted to learn some things about the Web that I could apply in business, and I simply needed a topic to run with.   Separately, as a technology / marketing guy, I deal with the routine and mechanical.   I have a Poet’s soul but no creative outlets.   I wanted to use the blog to help explore my creative side.

Originally I thought I would just post creative photography, paintings, poetry, lyrics, whatever.  But while these are all worthwhile endeavors, gathering an interested audience for such generic and diverse activity would be hard.   I ended up doing a painting of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran performing “Everything Has Changed” and that went over very well on Tumblr.

Impressionist painting of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran performing Everything Has Changed

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Performing Everything Has Changed

I thought about it, and I wondered is it possible for someone who is not a 19 year old girl to run a Taylor Swift blog?   The fact is I adore Taylor Swift’s intelligence and lyricism.   And I find her psychologically interesting, because she uses her songwriting as a public diary of her emotions.   She is that very rare person who bares her agony to the world, and somehow she manages to get millions of people to care.   This pairs with an emotional authenticity while singing that I think is extremely rare and very attractive.   She is a complex person, yet most of the coverage I see of her on the web trivializes her because she looks like a model.   If she were less good looking, there might be less sensational attention and more appreciation of her skill level, which I think is even higher than her treasure chest of gathering awards might suggest.   

As a marketing guy, I can clearly see that many millions of people like her music.   I would be able to do paintings of her and Ed Sheeran, modify song lyrics, write new lyrics, analyze songs for hidden meanings, and even do the occasional guilty pleasure of writing about gossip.   And because her audience is so large, I have a reasonable chance of accumulating followers for this content over time.  At the same time, I meet my educational objectives about the Web. Thus this blog is born.

In terms of who I might want to attract to this blog, I think Taylor Swift has a great line in one of her songs named “Ours” which is about her love with John Mayer.   In that song, she and John refer to each other as a “pretty little mind.”    The common expression would be “pretty little head” but Taylor is mixing this up and calling out intellect in front of beauty.   It’s a subtle and beautiful thought, a hidden gem within the song.    So to borrow Taylor’s thought, I am just a pretty little mind looking for other pretty little minds….   If I have a choice, I would prefer to interact with people who think well, and it would be nice if that was packaged in a pleasant and not acerbic way.

While I am talking about Taylor Swift, I will admit to the following fantasies:

My Taylor Swift fantasy #1: she shows me all of the lyrics to the songs in her next album and lets me do edits on all of these, and we discuss these in detail over several months.  I am methodical and deductive, and I might make great songs even better by exposing some core idea in the clearest way.  I approach things from a different angle that I think complements her approach. If even a handful of those edits resulted in a tighter song lyric I would be ecstatic. Wow, you would have to take me out of the room on a stretcher each night; I would be so happy. 🙂

My Taylor Swift fantasy #2: I work directly with her to develop a set of iconic art images for each song on her new album, then we develop those into products (posters, fine art, clothing) and eventually find way to develop distribution into niche retail for clothing.   I get to use both my business mind and creative mind together in some strange marriage of different talents.  This one is not easy to do given my career path, but as a fantasy it works.

Well, I did say fantasy, right?  Forget professional interaction; even simple friendship with celebrities this popular is effectively impossible.   With 100 thousand fan messages a day coming into their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, unlikely Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran will ever discover – or find time to read – this blog. And even if it happened no doubt the world would find some way to make it all less than perfect, because the world is good about that.

Eventually I may start some sub-blogs on other interests, like low-carb cooking or the Paleo diet.   We will see where this goes.

I am poetrydude66 on Twitter and Instagram as well. I need more Followers on Twitter, so don’t be shy and please add me.


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